About PVT

"The purpose of Pete Versus Toby (PVT) is to have purpose.
The last thing the world needs is another t-shirt brand,
out to make mass produced designs
that lack both creativity and originality.

PVT is smart, evokes thought, presents issues
(topical, political, social & humorous) to the supporter
and therefore has a purpose in the Australian fashion industry.

PVT brings something different and intelligent,
our pieces are created with intention for 'timelessness'
not to be part of the most recent money making fad / craze.

It is about classical quality & usefulness over time.
PVT will be accessible to different markets
in terms of accessibility and price,
we don't believe in target markets,
we believe everyone can enjoy PVT"

Official PVT Collaborations
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PVT for Mic Pompei 
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