What is Pete Versus Toby... ?

Never born never died, Pete Versus Toby started as a movement out of Byron Bay, Australia in late 2006 by a young group of artists and enlightened souls to start a community based independent lifestyle.

 We are Pete Versus Toby, honest creative spiritual people. We take pride in our organic approach to life, our design and art is a reflection of ourselves. We are a cultural mash-up of psychedelic futuristic hippy lifestyles and our intention is to share this with the world...

We are the dance of life, sometimes punk sometimes spiritual, always a shining sun-ray of enlightenment. Pete Versus Toby signifies the constant battle within ones self to find true meaning. We construct then quickly smash down any wide held beliefs, because we believe nothing is true and nothing is faux pas.

We believe in yes, yes is god, we have no time for no... it doesn’t exist.